Storage solutions that deliver a combination of high performance and advanced data management




To meet your business requirements, Quantum and VoIP offer a combination of different storage solutions.
Quantum provides solutions across the whole spectrum of data protection, so no matter what line of business you’re in, you are covered. Information is kept safe at all times and available to them at a moment’s notice, so you can focus on everyday operations.
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Scale-Out Storage
A powerful and scalable shared storage system that supports workflow and promotes collaboration. Excellent streaming performance gives users an opportunity to interact in real-time with all data streams.
Multi-Tier Archiving
Quantum’s archive storage is more than just long-term data retention. This feature allows businesses to extend the life of their data, thus empowering them to move their business forward. Their tiered storage solution enables companies to discover new online storage approaches whilst data management technologies manage the entire data life cycle.
Cloud Services
Quantum enables organisations to combine the benefits of the cloud with on-premise storage ensuring optimal performance, accessibility, scalability and efficiency. The cloud acts as an active storage space in a hybrid environment by merging the cloud with high performance on-premise storage. Businesses can improve workflows while uncovering a completely new set of off-site capabilities.
Maximise the value of your existing data with Quantum’s innovative storage solutions.
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