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Backbox provides customisable backup and recovery solutions for security and network devices. They significantly reduce downtime of organisations’ data centres and systems on-premise, in private cloud and hybrid cloud. You can now backup and restore device configurations by centrally managing all your business security and network device configurations in a single application using a real-time dashboard.
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With years of experience in product development, VoIP and Backbox have created a solution that can drastically improve the operation and security of your business IT infrastructure. Using fully automated and non-intrusive solutions, Backbox helps you lower costs allocated to managing multiple network device requirements.
Backbox Cloud
Protect any device in any location by backing up to any storage location and recovering to any platform. Backbox delivered by VoIP allows you to manage thousands of clients users/devices at the same time and then allows them to backup, restore and manage their devices from the cloud while maintaining full control of the environment.
Discover Backbox and VoIP’s excellent data protection designed to fit any environment.
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